Special Education Coordinator

Job Description


We're looking for an exceptional Special Education Coordinator  for a full-time position in Washington, DC for the 2020-2021 School year.

Job Requirements for Special Education Coordinator :

  • Desire to bring life-giving excellence to school-aged children
  • A minimum of a Masters Degree in Education (Special Education, Learning Disabilities). Preferred: Masters Degree in Special Education and certification in Special Education; or a Bachelor's Degree and certification in Special Education. Other possible degrees include social work, health education, and psychology.
  • A minimum of 1 year previous experience acting as a LEA Rep and Special Education Coordinator
  • A minimum of 5 years working as a Special Education Teacher with Case Management responsibilities
  • An Administrator’s Certification from OSSE would be desirable but not required.
  • State School Services Credential where required
  • Qualifications:

  • · The ability to read and write in Spanish is a plus.
  • · Demonstrate an advanced understanding of instructional strategies for students with autism, developmental delay, specific learning disabilities, and behavior disorders.
  • · Extensive background knowledge with EASY IEP
  • · Demonstrate strong skills in partnering with families.
  • · Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse group of colleagues, parents, families, and community members.
  • · Be committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student population.
  • · Have a track record of being a team player and community minded.
  • · Be committed to their own learning.
  • · Have excellent time-management skills, attention to detail, and ability to work independently.
  • · Have a passion for urban public schools.
  • · Adhere to a high level of professional and ethical standards.
  • Special Education Coordinator / Coach Responsibilities Include:

  • · Overseeing / managing a caseload of special education students and the implementation of their IEP/504 plans in: inclusive, self-contained and pull-out settings.
  • · Ensuring appropriate delivery of both special education instruction and related services as stipulated on IEPs/504 plans.
  • · Ensuring compliance by the school with all local and Federal laws and regulation relating to students with IEPs/504 plans and students referred to special education.
  • · Ensuring that services provided by contractual personnel are of high quality, provided in the LRE, and are aligned with students’ IEPs/504 plans.
  • · Effectively communicating to parents and guardians the special education process including process for referrals, evaluations, annual IEPs/504 plans, and re-evaluations as well as parental rights granted by IDEA.
  • · Facilitating IEP meetings using a strengths based and family centered approach
  • · Coordinating with student’s special education team to ensure all documents are completed in a timely manner (according to state, local, and school policies and procedures) prior to MDT meeting. Connect with special education team to ensure all team members (including parents) are prepared for the content of the meeting.
  • · Coordinating with special education team to complete quarterly IEP progress reports and provide quarterly IEP progress reports to parents/guardians.
  • · Maintaining student files (paper and electronic) according to school and OSSE standards.
  • · Providing training and technical assistance to case managers, teachers, related service providers and support service professionals on all aspects of cases management: use of computer systems for the special education process, writing of goal writing, progress reports, annual reviews and parent communication.
  • · Ensuring IEPs are developmentally appropriate, curriculum/standards -based, strength based, and relevant to individual students.
  • · Working to maintain school and LEA tracking and data system that includes: student information related to IEPs, services, service hours, evaluations, MDT referrals, time lines in which evaluations were competed and discipline incidents.documented.
  • · Coaching special education classroom staff to strengthen classroom practices and support classroom teams.
  • · Identifying and develops appropriate curriculum and school based assessments to support the academic growth of students with IEPs/504 plans.
  • · Supporting the planning of special education initiative and the implementation of initiatives. Integrates new developments, research findings and best practices into ongoing programs and new initiatives.
  • · Representing Bridges as a subject matter expert in contact with OSSE, Federal Agencies and non-profits concerning students with special needs.
  • · Overseeing special education inventory of equipment / materials.
  • · Gathering and report data for all reporting requirements concerning students with IEPs/504 plans and other required reports (to the State, Department of Education, census, grant applications, annual report, etc.). Examples: Child Count and COSF
  • · Maintaining a high level of knowledge regarding developing special education issues such as changes in federal and local special education policy.
  • · Advocating for special education with school leadership.
  • · Establishing and maintaining communication with parents of students in the program.
  • · Facilitating workshops / meetings for parents, as well as identifies resources for parents of students with special needs.
  • · Engaging parents and families in their student’s learning and acting as an ambassador for the school in the community.
  • · As appropriate connecting with student’s outside providers, pediatricians, and therapists to support student’s needs in classroom.
  • · Co-Coordinating ESY program
  • · Maintaining confidentiality of student records and student information
  • · Other duties as assigned. 
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