4th Year Audiology Extern / 35 hours / Days / BWH Surgery

Job Description


Job Description - 4th Year Audiology Extern / 35 hours / Days / BWH Surgery (3153441)

4th Year Audiology Extern / 35 hours / Days / BWH Surgery - ( 3153441 )

This individual will provide support to the Division of OtolaryngologyAudiological Services within the Department of Surgery. This positionrequires a very professional and motivated 4th year extern with stronginterpersonal skills. This individual will work closely with the providers,nurse practitioner and physicians to insure all patients are seen in a timely andefficient manner. This position requires a highly motivated individual with afollow-through approach and strong detail oriented skills.


Under supervision of a licensed audiologist and as skills allow:

Audiologic Assessments:
1. Perform comprehensive audiologic assessments for diverse patientpopulations. Determine which audiometric tests to perform based on patientsymptoms and/or case history. Interpret test results relative to type andextent of hearing loss.
2. Communicate results and recommendations to patient and referring physician.Assist in determining need for medical treatment, further audiological orelectrophysiological testing, and/or rehabilitative services.
3. Prepare written documentation in a timely manner as required by departmentprotocol.

Hearing Aid Evaluations:
1. Perform evaluations for hearing aid candidacy including establishment ofgoals, costs, benefits, and limitations of hearing aids under supervision.Counsel the patient on the best options. Discuss fees, warranties, and paymentoptions. Assist the patient in choosing the best device for their disabilityand financial limitations.
2. Perform hearing aid dispenses and follow up checks. This includesorientation to the device, routine maintenance, basic repairs, and programmingchanges.
3. Counsel patients on realistic expectations and communication strategies.Meet with patients on a routine basis to assure their satisfaction.

1. Perform newborn hearing screening under the direction of the Coordinator ofthe Newborn Hearing Screening Program. Identify infants to be screened, performscreenings, counsel parents and document findings following written protocol.
2. Participate in periodic review of performance as directed by supervisingaudiologist(s). Work closely with the division Coordinator and practiceassistant to monitor the patient schedule. Take unscheduled patients asrequested.
3. Completes other assignments as requested by the Audiologists and/or DivisionAdministrator


1. Enrolled in full timegraduate accredited program as a candidate for Audiology Doctorate (Au.D.)
2. Completion of class work necessary to begin 4th yearAudiology externship.


1. Professional liabilityhealth insurance coverage provided by University or College of employee
2. Must have the ability to work independently andsimultaneously use good judgment.
3. Must be a "team player" and enjoy working withpeople, both on the telephone and in person; ability to deal with  difficult people.
4. Excellent communication (oral and written), leadership,interpersonal and organizational skills absolutely necessary.
5. Medical terminology knowledge is preferred


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