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  • Published : 2022-11-24
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Job Description

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Job Description



PetSuites has been the leader of the pack in pet resorts offering exceptional services for both dogs and cats, ranging from boarding and daycare to grooming and training for 20 years. Our trusted team of professionals delivers memorable experiences with personalized service to meet the unique needs of each pet and Pet Parent in fun, convenient, and modern spaces.


We believe in the mission of “Pet Lovers Delighting Pet Lovers” and we demonstrate this through being Playful, Passionate, Personal and Professional. A successful candidate for this position will be someone who not only embraces this culture, but is a team player, self-motivated, takes direction well, has excellent communication skills, and great attention to detail.This is a service-related industry and you should not only be skilled at customer service, but passionate about helping people. As a Pet Host, you are the first impression for our site. The principal duties are to handle check-in for arrival clients, handle check-out for departing clients, make follow-up reservations for existing clients, sell activity packages and daycare on reservations made, greet all guests, clients, and vendors, and handle any general inquiries about the business.


1. We love pets and want to take the best possible care of them.

2. We appreciate our pet owners. We always want them to be treated with respect and greeted with a friendly voice.

3. We do not get a second chance to make a great first impression. We want all of our first impressions to be great ones.

4. We are all a part of the PETSuites team. We are only as strong as our weakest link. We succeed together.

5. Our goal is to deliver customer service that will become legendary. Our standard is rave revues.

The role of PET HOST LEAD involves managerial support as well as customer service and Pet Pro support. The PET HOST LEAD will assume responsibility for the care and welfare of the guests in our facility when directed by the General and Resort Managers. The PET HOST LEAD will also assume responsibility for staff when directed by the General and Resort Managers. The PET HOST LEAD must by example by demonstrating dependability, initiative, and excellent decision-making skills. Organization, attention to detail and follow up skills is critical. The PET HOST LEAD must be able to take direction well and communicate to Resort Manager as well as all other employees in a positive, effective manner. It is essential that the PET HOST LEAD understands and employs the PETSuites philosophy of customer and guest care in all actions.


In capacity of Pet Pro or Pet Pro support role:

Ensure that each guest is treated with respect and dignity

Ensure that all guest are receiving appropriate amounts of food and water

Maintain a sanitary and healthy environment by following PETSuites standards of cleaning and disinfecting rooms

Monitor guests' health by daily charting of eating and elimination habits

Monitor guests' reaction to playtimes and general demeanor by charting playtime interactions

Follow all PETSuites standards of safety with regards to handling guests, particularly aggressive guests and escape artists

Pay specific attention to kennel tags, (Meds Person to Feed, Aggressive, Separate for Feeding, etc.)

Immediately alert front staff and resort manager when a guest is ill or exhibiting odd behavior - follow-up by filling out illness form and turning it in to the front staff

Launder guests' sheepskin, towels, etc., as necessary

Transport pet to the vet as needed


In capacity of Pet Host or Pet Host support role:

Provide impeccable customer service.

Ensure that each customer is treated with respect and dignity

Develop and maintain strong relationships with customers

Proactively manage waitlists on weekends/peak season/holidays and ensures that rooms are utilized to maximum capacity

Act as liaison between veterinarian and customer/emergency contact, keeping all parties informed of ongoing problems when necessary

Help initiate “white glove” treatment to our best customers, ie. Call best customers well before peak seasons to secure reservations before we are “sold out”

Respond promptly and troubleshoots any customer relations issues, keeping in mind both the managers’ and PETSuites philosophy.

Promptly address any uncomfortable situations with customers

Along with resort manager, develop strategies for dealing with difficult customer relation issues.


PET HOST LEAD will focus on property and inventory management. Duties include:

Ensure facility meets or exceeds PETSuites expectations with regards to cleanliness and safety

Ensure all common areas in the kenneling area and the lobby are clean and free from hazards ie: wet floors, defecant, etc.

Alert managers of any safety or operational issues ie: broken guillotine doors, burnt-out lights, not enough salt for snowy areas, etc.

Communicate important notices, meetings, etc. through verbal and/or written communication.


Must be able to work under conditions that require sitting, standing, walking, bending, reaching, pulling, pushing and grasping.

Talking and hearing to effectively convey information and understand instructions.

Ability to communicate effectively with other staff members.


-Strong Pet Handling Skills – Must be at ease with all size dogs and cats. Must have the experience to handle all types of temperaments including

-“Senior Staff” pets. Must be “Group Play Certified”.

-Excellent Interpersonal Skills – Must be able to handle complex situations that involve co-workers, customers (when in the Pet Host role), veterinarians and outside vendors. This includes using sound judgment when dealing with expired vaccinations, health issues, concerned customers and employee relations.

-Professionalism – Must be able to project the professionalism required when presenting PetSuites to the public. Must understand and exemplify the Quality Standards and Image of PetSuites

-Strong Leadership Skills – Must have the ability to lead by example and be a strong communicator. A Lead must coach his/her team members into performing at high standards. Must be able to motivate and coach support staff in a positive, calm manner even during difficult times.

-Strong Team Work Mindset – Must be willing to be cross trained in different areas and provide support in either Pet Care or Customer Service departments when needed.

-Excellent Time Management Skills – Work must be finished within designated time frames while adhering to allotted staffing ratios. Must motive everyone on team to finish within time parameters while reaching quality expectations. Strong attention to labor hours is critical so he/she must be able to make smart decisions throughout the day concerning staffing.

-Strong Multi-tasking skills w/ ability to work well under pressure – Leads in each area encounter issues during pet and/or customer interactions. A Lead must be able to react to situations calmly and quickly. A Lead must be able to handle numerous situations simultaneously.

-Positive “Can DO” attitude: Must provide a high level of enthusiasm to fellow co-workers. Must be able to offer input and corrections in a well thought out, positive manner. Issues that arise should be brought to the attention of the manager when necessary so that smaller issues do not turn into major problems.

-Training – Must be able to train new and current team members in an agreed upon format and time frame. All materials such as work books, checklists and manuals must be correctly used.

-Follow Through and Accountability – Leads must follow through on corrective actions, checklists and agreed upon policies. They also must hold their team accountable for quality of work. They in turn will be held responsible for how smoothly their shift runs.

-Schedule Flexibility, Availability and Attendance – This is a key component of a Lead’s role. The expectation for any Lead is that he/she is available when needed such as holiday time frames, weekends and peak seasons. A full time lead is expected to maintain a flexible schedule that allows for maximum availability for at least 35 hours per week. A Lead should be available for both morning and evening shifts. We occasionally employ part time leads that must work at least 3 days per week during peak time periods.

A Lead must maintain the minimum level of hours per week and have open schedule availability in order to keep Lead status and pay. Any unapproved change in the above may result in a change to non-lead status and reduction to non-lead pay.

This statement sets forth the basic tasks and duties of the job, but is not intended to provide a detailed description of all functions that may be required to perform the job satisfactorily.


• 401(k)

• 401(k) matching

• Dental insurance

• Employee discount

• Health insurance

• Vision insurance

Company Introduction

PetSuites is the leader of the pack in pet resorts offering exceptional services for both dogs and cats, ranging from boarding and daycare to grooming and training. Our trusted team of professionals delivers memorable experiences with personalized service in fun, convenient, and modern spaces.


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