Assistant Nuc I&C Specialist/Nuclear Journeyman I&C Specialist

Energy Harbor, LLC

  • Oak Harbor, Ohio

  • Published : 2022-11-17
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Job Description

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Job Description

Energy Harbor at a Glance

Energy Harbor is a financially secure independent power producer and fully integrated retail energy provider focused on safe and best-in-class operations and financial performance. With its fleet of reliable generating resources, including substantial carbon-free generation, Energy Harbor is well positioned for long-term value creation and competitiveness in a low-carbon future and is focused on enabling a growing customer and stakeholder base to meet their environmental, social and sustainability goals.


Under close supervision, is responsible for successfully completing the training and qualification program to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be a useful employee. In addition, the Assistant will be assigned progressively more demanding tasks as the level of knowledge and experience increases.

Skilled work requires that the individual be qualified in the related field or be closely supervised by a qualified Journeyman or above.

The Assistant performs any maintenance repair work assigned in all work areas involving Maintenance activities in accordance with the Station Operating License, Technical Specifications, Operating Procedures, QA/QC Procedures, and Maintenance Department Procedures; and performs such duties and responsibilities as:

1. Performing work independently in Journeyman skill areas when qualified in accordance with the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station Training Program for Maintenance I&C Specialist;

2. Performing work in Journeyman skill areas, under the direct supervision of a qualified individual, when the individual has not yet completed qualifications;

3. Assisting a qualified individual in performing maintenance in Specialist skill areas;

4. Assisting, as assigned, in the response to any Station emergency;

5. Assisting in the development, correction, and validation of Station procedures and tests;

6. Interpreting work orders, drawings, sketches, blueprints, etc.;

7. Properly preparing records used in connection with the work;

8. Reporting abnormal conditions observed, such as: abnormal operating conditions, safety conditions, and security violations;

9. Using hand tools to prepare, fabricate, and otherwise repair Instrumentation & Control components structural components;

10. Ensuring that the work area and equipment are in good order and cleaned up after completion of work;

11. Following safe work practices and adhering to all Station and Company procedures for Industrial and Radiation Safety;

12. Maintaining proficiency as an Assistant Nuclear I&C Specialist by meeting the established requalification and continuing training requirements;

13. Completing the Nuclear Journeyman I&C Specialist qualification within four years of initial hire to Assistant Nuclear I&C Specialist;

14. Complying with the applicable Station procedures in the performance of the Duties; and

15. Performing other responsibilities, as assigned.

B. Qualifications

Must meet the Company’s requirements as to General Qualifications, and in addition:

1. Prior experience is not an absolute requirement, however, prior related experience will be considered when comparing applicants;

2. Must be a graduate of an accredited High School or have a GED;

3. Must pass and stay current in training;

4. Must have the ability to receive, interpret and act on orders and instructions in a manner that will obtain safe and satisfactory work results;

5. Must be able to properly use I&C tools and precision instruments in the conduct of maintenance;

6. Must be able to effectively communicate both orally and in writing;

7. Must be capable of performing strenuous work in confined areas, where required;

8. Must have good manual dexterity, normal color perception and vision correctable to 20/30;

9. Must have a cooperative temperament and be able to work effectively with peers and management while under pressure; and

10. Must successfully complete, or have successfully completed, Edison Electric Institute (EEI) POSS/MASS C testing.


A. Duties

Responsible for performance of all I&C testing and maintenance activities, as assigned by I&C supervision, including inspections, calibrations, testing, repairs, rework, modifications, changing and housekeeping of all I&C equipment and components; and performs such duties as:

1. Performing testing and maintenance activities on I&C equipment and components, including troubleshooting and calibration and the disassembly, rework, repair, assembly, alignment, inspection and testing required to ensure the continued and reliable operation of all I&C equipment and components;

2. Recording and logging the results of performing I&C maintenance, testing, and calibration activities on all I&C equipment, such as “as found” and “as left” equipment and component conditions, corrective actions and settings in addition to parts, test equipment, labor and other resources such as materials used in the performance of assigned maintenance and testing activities;

3. Verifying that adequate and required precautions have been taken prior to initiating a maintenance or testing activity. Such precautions would include tagged electrical and mechanical devices, establishment of radiation barriers and cleanliness areas, and other checks to ensure that maintenance and testing is being initiated in accordance with administrative and technical procedure requirements and promulgate safety criteria;

4. Providing on-the-job training in the proper use of tools, test equipment and procedures to ensure compliance with plant-specific and industry-accepted standards of performance to I&C Assistant and Journeymen who are not qualified on the maintenance or testing activities being performed;

5. Providing I&C support to other departments and support services, as requested, for accident mitigation and recovery efforts;

6. As directed, becoming the lead individual for vendor and other I&C personnel in the performance of maintenance and testing activities based on qualifications;

7. Reporting abnormal conditions observed or encountered; such as abnormal operating conditions, safety conditions, and violations of security procedures;

8. Assisting in making corrections and make suggestions for the improvement of procedures, Test and Instrument Data Packages;

9. Performing similar or less-skilled duties, as assigned; and

10. Performing other duties in accordance with the section of the Foreword to the Job Manual entitled “Duties”.

B. Qualifications

Must meet the Company’s requirements as to General Qualifications in accordance with the section of the Foreword of the Job Manual entitled “General Qualifications” and, in addition:

1. Must have satisfactorily completed an I&C Apprentice Program or the equivalent;

2. Must have a working knowledge of Instrumentation and Controls and integrated operation of Nuclear Steam Supply Systems, Turbo Generators and their related auxiliary equipment;

3. Must achieve and maintain qualifications in the following areas:

  • Indoctrination or equivalent;
  • Sensors, or equivalent;
  • Analytical Instrumentation, or equivalent;
  • Process Measuring and Control (Pneumatic), or equivalent;
  • Process Measuring and Control (Electronic), or equivalent;
  • Nuclear Instrumentation; and
  • 25% of the Safety and Control Systems and 25% of the Plant Support Systems;
  • 4. Must be able to:
  • Perform calibrations, using approved procedures and Vendor Manuals;
  • Evaluate and interpret data;
  • Perform required computations and use conversion factors;
  • Interpret complex drawings, schematics and specifications;
  • Properly utilize tools, and test and calibration equipment used in the maintenance; and
  • Effectively communicate, using oral and written skills;
  • 5. Must possess:
  • The ability to be flexible, accountable and responsible;
  • Good manual dexterity;
  • Normal color perception;
  • Normal or corrected vision; and
  • A cooperative temperament; be able to obtain and maintain harmony and cooperation with fellow employees and others whom work must be coordinated with and effectively work under pressure; and
  • 6. Must successfully complete, or have successfully completed, Edison Electric Institute (EEI) POSS/MASS C testing.

    Benefits, Compensation & Workforce Diversity

    At Energy Harbor, employees are key to our success. We depend on their talents to meet the challenges of our changing business environment. We are committed to rewarding individual and team efforts through our total rewards philosophy which includes competitive pay plus incentive compensation, 401(k) savings plan with matching employer contribution, a choice of medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, and life insurance programs, as well as skills development training with tuition reimbursement. Please visit our website at to learn more about all of our employee rewards programs. Energy Harbor proudly supports workforce diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, or status as a qualified individual with a disability. No recruiters or agencies without a previously signed contract. Unable to sponsor or transfer H-1B visas at this time.


    Safety is a core value for Energy Harbor and is essential to all of our business activities. We ensure employees have the tools, information, and processes to perform their duties in a manner that assures safety for themselves, their co-workers, our customers and the public. Our goals are to provide a safe work environment, to maintain an accident-free, injury-free workplace, and to promote and maintain public safety. To meet these goals, we dedicate ourselves to achieving world-class safety standards.


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