Family Medicine Residency Program Director (MD/DO)

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Family Medicine Residency Program Director (MD/DO). Norwegian American HospHumboldt Park Health1044 N. Francisco AvenueChicago, IL 60622, USA. Norwegian American HospHumboldt Park Health1044 N. Francisco AvenueChicago, IL 60622, USA. MUST BE a Licensed Physician in the State of ILLINOIS.. Serve as the Designated Institutional Officer (DIO);. Recruitment of qualified family medicine faculty;. Maintain ACGME accreditation for the family medicine residency program;. Participate in the overall formulation, review and revision of policies and procedures, and structure and content of the program’s curriculum;. Recruit, interview, and select residents, and facilitate their involvement with the hospital community;. Develop an evaluation process for resident performance and participate in the evaluation and promotion of residents;. Participate at least semi-annually in competency evaluation of residents;. Represent the program on hospital committees, including the graduate medical education committee, Department of Family Medicine;. Represent the program on appropriate committees of medical school affiliates; and. Engage in Quality Assurance and standards of practice activities necessary to promote a safe work environment.. Monitor curriculum effectiveness and develop the evaluation process, including a subjective survey for residents and faculty on curriculum effectiveness;. Modify the curriculum to incorporate results of the evaluations and changes in medical education theory as reflected in ACGME requirements;. Ensure conferences are scheduled to permit resident attendance on a regular basis protected from interruption by routine clinical duties;. Ensure faculty development and faculty participation in scholarly activities;. Participate in research, scholarly activities, and quality improvement activities to enhance the program’s academic reputation;. Institute a formal mechanism specifically designed for promotion of resident-physician well-being and prevention of impairment;. Institute a structured and facilitated group for resident support that meets on a regular basis;. Devote sufficient time to the residency program (i.e., at least 28 hours per week spent in resident administration, teaching, precepting and attending duties exclusive of time spent in direct patient care without the presence of residents);. Designate a specific time commitment to patient care in order to maintain clinical skills;. Participate in the scheduling of components of the residency requirements of the residency requirements (e.g., rotations, academic half days);. Devise a method by which all resident performed procedures are supervised and evaluated;. Develop and document an operational plan that is aligned with the strategic plan of the department, division, faculty and Program and aligned with accreditation standards;. Develop and document a formal budget for the program that documents all of the financial supports provided to the program (i.e., funding and in-kind) as well as the expenses associated with each of the activities and resources identified in the operational plan.. Review the operation plan and budget annually and/or as circumstances change in the program (e.g., new chair, internal review or accreditation, change in standards);. With the faculty, devise a credentialing process to establish when a resident is competent to perform specific procedures;. Maintain compliance with all ACGME requirements for program directors found in the ACGME common and program specific requirements.. Graduated from an accredited school of medicine.. ILL license to practice Medicine.. Qualifications. Skills. Behaviors. Required. Functional Expert:Considered a thought leader on a subject. Preferred. Dedicated:Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity. :. Motivations. Required. Self-Starter:Inspired to perform without outside help. Goal Completion:Inspired to perform well by the completion of tasks. Ability to Make an Impact:Inspired to perform well by the ability to contribute to the success of a project or the organization. :. Education. Experience. Licenses & Certifications. Required. MEDLIC-Medical Lic - Temp. Powered by UKG

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