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The Creative Director will seek to advance the mission of the church, community center, and that of its supporting ministries through strategic leadership of the Creative Departments (Marketing, Communications, and Events Departments).

Lead Production Associate Job Profile ROLE:
The Director of Creative Team position IS

DNA Carrier:
Completely embraces and contagiously communicates the mission, values, strategy, and impact measures of Valley Church.

Mission Navigator: Co-labors with leaders to process, plan and implement great marketing and communications of mission-aligned ministries and events.

Strategic Planner: Works with senior and core leaders to build an overall, strategic marketing and communication plan.

Vision Activator: Turns strategic plans into reality.

Marketing and Communications Expert: Outstanding experience and knowledge in all forms of public relations, marketing, and communication to both church and community audiences.

Team Builder: Effectively leads the Creative Departments and their directors.

Encouraging to leaders, volunteers, and staff.

NOT: The Director of Creative Team position is NOT

Project Manager: The Director of Creative Arts is the art director of the master brand. He s guide in projects but does not execute on completing projects in a timely manner.

Account/client Manager: Gives strategic input toward contractor relations and use but does not manage these ongoing relationships and contractor workloads.

The Director of Creative Team is

A Disciple: fully devoted to following Jesus in everything he .

Highly Relational:
Loves, enjoys and excels at relating to individuals within the church as well as unchurched members of the community.

Healthy at home: no concerns related to spiritual or emotional health issues within his ly.

Humble Learner: Can take initiative and feedback well and has a great desire to learn and serve.

Co-laborer: Comes alongside core leaders and other senior leaders to help them achieve the mission-aligned goals of our church.

Energetic Multi-Tasker: able to work on a broad range of projects and levels.

The Director of Creative Team is responsible for

Supporting the ministry leaders: Build relationships with the core leaders and other senior leaders to better understand and fulfill our vision frame priorities.

Strategy: Leads the creation and implementation of marketing and communication strategy to promote Valley Church and the Valley Community Center.

Creative Leader: Directs the Department in execution of branding, marketing, communications, design, digital and environments, media, event production and PR.

Is accessible: Meets regularly with core leaders, senior leaders, and creative departments to encourage, lead, align and strategically execute mission fulfillment.

Communicating: Keeps his rvisor aware of the successes and struggles taking place within their realm of leadership and responsibilities.

Reports to:

Worship Director

Compensation Package:

  • Total compensation negotiable based on experience and education
  • Entire package may be proportioned to accommodate the needs of person (salary, retirement, or health insurance)

    The Creative Director needs to have a deep passion for the mission and vision of Valley Church. As the primary storyteller and communications architect, there needs to be a tone set that is engaging, compelling, and creative.


    This role is an incredible opportunity to not just do ministry, but to lead a team of talented creatives. Matter of fact, the more important skill set here is leadership, team building, and mobilization. There needs to be joy, enthusiasm, peace and hope in the teams that the Creative Director leads and serves.

    The Creative Director will oversee the Communications/Marketing Director, Videographers, Designers, as well interface with an outsourced marketing agency.


    Communications within the local church can be a complicated department. the Creative Director will seek to align and unify all efforts within the Creative Departments and tangibly move the Valley Church and Valley Community Center mission forward.


    As a result of the Creative Director's leadership, the goal would be to see the people of the church and the community more aware and more involved in the mission of Valley and Valley Community Center. So this role has the potential to help more people get involved and inspire those on the fence to get plugged into ministry.


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