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Position Summary

GradImages (Rated 4.3 stars on indeed) is currently searching for photographers to work with us during graduation events across the United States.

Do you have photography experience using a DSLR camera? Are you looking for a way to make some extra money, have reliable transportation and a flexible schedule? We may have the perfect opportunity for you!

We are looking for photographers who have at least 1 year of photography experience using a DSLR camera to take photos during graduation events and ceremonies that take place in the Spring (April - June) and Winter graduation seasons (November - December) each year. Our goal is to hire photographers with good customer service skills who are also able to take good quality photos using a DSLR camera at a fast pace. Our company provides the camera equipment.

Graduations are formal events and because of this our dress code is strict. All of our photographers have to possess and be able to wear a dark suit to any events they work with us (dark dress pants, matching jacket/blazer, dress shirt and dress shoes (men have to wear a tie). A DARK BUSINESS SUIT IS REQUIRED.

The pay for our incoming photographers is $70 - $90 per graduation ceremony and ceremonies usually last around 4 hours (+/-). That equals to $15 - $22+ / hour. Starting pay is determined by location and experience. For stellar employees who have good image reviews, are dependable, always on time (early), always dressed appropriately, and have great attitudes with the teams and our clients; Raises are given based on performance, attitude, availability and reliability. Our company also reimburses our photographers for their travel mileage to and from any events they work @ $.51 / mile, candidates must have reliable, personal transportation.. Starting pay is determined by event area and experience.

If you are interested, please submit your resume via this job ad. It is helpful and increases your chances of being selected if you provide us with some details regarding your previous photography experience when you respond (how long you've been photographing, the types of photos you take, a link to your portfolio / examples of your work).

All Balfour& Co.employees are subject to pre-employment screening, background checks and social media reviews at any time before or during their employment. Initial employment and continued employment is contingent on these reviews. Failure to show up for a scheduled and confirmed event may result in immediate termination and ineligibility of being rehired.

Essential Position Functions

The main responsibilities for our graduation photographers (not limited to):

* Using company equipment (Nikon) to take good quality photographs of graduates as their names are called during graduation events and ceremonies
* Setting up photography equipment, adjusting DSLR camera settings, taking test shots and taking superb quality portraits
* Working with team captains and assistants to ensure photography during graduation events runs as smoothly as possible while providing excellent customer service to clients, graduates and their families
* Organizing, setting and packing up event materials / equipment


Requirements / Qualifications:

* Photographers must be able to perform all of the essential functions of the job
* Ability to lift up to 50 lbs and perform set / pack duties
* Ability to stand for the duration of the event in indoor/outdoor conditions, move about without assistance on sometimes uneven/irregular terrain
* Ability to hold camera equipment while continuously taking photographs for the duration of the event without assistance
* Ability to take great quality and consistent photos of each and every gradaute as their names are called during the ceremony
* Ability to work quickly and efficiently, work with a sense of urgency
* Ability to react quickly and make good decisions while multi-tasking at a fast pace
* Ability to meet the dress code requirements (ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A DARK SUIT)
* Ability to get to and from the event locations on time via reliable and dependable transportation
* Photographers must be able to adhere to a schedule, arrive on time for events and stay for the duration of the events
* Photographers must be very comfortable with working with the public in a crowd setting
* Photographers must be outgoing, efficient people with customer service attitudes

Photographers MUST BE ABLE TO DRESS in the following professional attire:

Women: Matching dark suit / seperates. Dark dress pants, matching suit jacket / blazer, solid/neutral colored dress shirt, coordinating dress shoes

Men: Matching dark suit / seperates. Dark dress pants, matching suit jacket / blazer, solid neutral colored button up shirt with neutral tie, coordinating dress shoes


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