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Job Description

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The KIPP Forward (KF)  program is responsible for implementing robust programming for KIPP St. Louis students in each phase of their high school and post-secondary education and training. The KF program seeks to support all KSL students in becoming successful adults in their academic, professional and personal lives. The Persistence Adviser will support students and families in navigating the transition from high school to post-secondary, regardless of the pathway. The Persistence Adviser will be the main contact and support  for KIPP St. Louis High School alumni in their first two years after high school graduation. The Persistence  Adviser  will perform additional duties and do whatever it takes for ALL students to be successful at KIPP St. Louis schools and on their postsecondary journeys. The Persistence Adviser will report to the Persistence Manager  for KIPP St. Louis.

This position is available for the 2022-2023  school year with an immediate start date.

Position type: Full time, exempt, 12 month position


Serve as the persistence adviser for KIPP St. Louis High School (KHS) alumni in their first and second year post-graduation; this may include alumni enrolled in college or CTE program or those enlisting in the military or working full-time

Support KHS seniors in the transition from KHS to their post-secondary pathway during spring semester

Maintain bi-weekly contact with all alumni regardless of post-secondary pathway

Support and coach alumni, individually and/or in groups, to monitor their own performance in their program, and to get and stay involved/connected with the alumni to advocate for them when necessary

Support and coach families, individually and/or in groups, to monitor their student’s performance in their post-secondary program, and to get and stay involved/connected with the students to advocate for them when necessary

Manage and review data for college-enrolled alumni progress, semester grades, and academic standing and plan for intervention when necessary

Input and monitor academic progress and maintain student files in the Salesforce database with progress reports, semester grades, academic progress plans, parental involvement, intervention meetings, financial aid awards, college persistence, scholarship applications and awards, progress towards educational or career goals, etc.

Educate and connect alumni to personal finance (money management, budgeting, etc.) and connect them to available resources for these purposes

Advise alumni on academic planning when necessary/appropriate

Match and provide guidance to eligible alumni to success programs, employment opportunities and summer internships

Assist students in on-going scholarship research and applications starting in summer

Travel to college campuses 25% of time and connect alumni with on-campus or community support resources (mental health, financial, academic, etc)

Counsel alumni on college transferring if applicable, by providing one-on-one assistance, feedback, and deadline tracking

Advise alumni on college life (homesickness, fitting in/involvement, add/drop deadlines & consequences, study habits and midterms/finals) and support/connect alumni with internships, summer program, summer classes, and scholarship applications by providing one-on-one assistance, feedback, and deadline tracking

When necessary, research aspects of college placement and persistence: financial aid, scholarships, applications, retention, graduation and admissions standards

Assist students by connecting them to other post-secondary options that will yield certifications or long-term employment

Foster relationships with community organizations that will support students in post-secondary persistence

Recognize achievement and motivate alumni through regular email and text correspondence, college care packages, encouraging messages

Maintain regular communication with students by call, text, or email to monitor challenges and help with solutions

Support the planning and execution of a career workshop focused on networking to eventually prepare students for a coordinated networking event with various professionals in collaboration with our board members.

Support KIPP Forward program and initiatives

Coordinate with other KIPP Forward staff to arrange for students and alumni at all grade levels to visit colleges and interact with KIPP St. Louis alumni when possible and applicable

Support with planning and execution of the FAFSA event and FAFSA completion

Manage data entry in Alumni Database

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