Medical Case Manager I

Job Description

  • Job Title Medical Case Manager



The Medical Case Manager I will provide a range of client-centered, confidential services that link clients with health care, clinical psychosocial, and supportive service for clients living with HIV/AIDS who are identified as having challenges with accessing and maintaining adherence to health care services. The Medical Case Manager I will work closely with the CORE Center medical team to stabilize clients' medically. They will facilitate linkage to and maintenance of clients to their primary medical services. The Medical Case Manager I will also provide treatment adherence counseling to ensure readiness for, and adherence to complex HIV/AIDS treatments. The Medical Case Manager I will assure that client is connecting to other core services; dental, Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment. This case manager will also provide benefits counseling to clients and assist in enrollment, verification and utilization of those benefits.

  • Maintain an Active Caseload
  • Complete initial intake and assessment of needs on all new clients and clients returning to care.
  • Develop a comprehensive, individualized service plan.
  • Maintain contact with client to assure Medical and Medication Compliance.
  • Make appropriate and timely referral to internal and external providers and coordinate services identified on service plan.
  • Case Manager will meet with Medical Provider on a regular basis to mutually support client's compliance with appointments.
  • Properly transition clients out of Medical Case Management into other appropriate programs.
  • Adhere to Social Services Documentation Policy of all Patient Encounters and Forms.
  • Maintain a Working Knowledge of Community and Internal program that would enhance the client's ability to be maintained in care.
  • Enhance Professional Development and Maintain an Area of Specialization
  • Participate in all CORE Center and AFC mandatory training and meeting.
  • Participate in Social Services Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts
  • Adhere to CORE Center and Social Services Specific Policies & Procedures
  • Provide Excellent Customer Service and Professionals when interacting with clients and internal and external customers.
  • Other duties as assigned by Supervisor
QUALIFICATIONS – Knowledge/Skills/Experience

Minimal Formal Education Required: Bachelors Degree in Social Work or related field required. Minimal Length & Nature of Experience Required: Related internship up to 2 years preferred. Experience working in a hospital or out-patient setting preferred. Knowledge and experience working with diverse and complex clients preferred. Microsoft Office Program, Access, and similar data base experience required. Experience working with clients with multiple needs. Comfortable working with high volumes of clients in a fast paced environment preferred. Licensure, Certification, Registration Preferred: N/A

Special Knowledge and Skills Required and Preferred: Bilingual preferred. Ability to function autonomously as a worker and as a team member on a multidisciplinary team, excellent oral and written communication skills, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and family issues, commitment to confidentiality, ethics, and a culturally sensitive approach to counseling are required. Experience working in primary care medical settings desirable.

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