Customer Support Technician - Shift Lead

Job Description

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Job DescriptionJob Descriptions:
  • Perform the duties and responsibilities of the operation Battle Captain while ensuring that the Battle Rhythm of the Operation remains intact.
  • Supervise and oversee all the functions of subordinates on shift; ensuring the quality control of all aspects of the Mission Command Support Operations Center (NOC); which will include but not limited to ticketing, troubleshooting and Customer Support (E-Mail/Phone) for Blue Force Tracking and the Tactical Ground Reporting (TIGR) Mission.
  • Adhere and enforce to the MCSC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Coordinate day to day operations functions for Systems Administrators on shift by assigning specific tasks and duties to individuals
  • Be responsible for ensuring that logs and data are collected and stored in accordance with SOP
  • Coordinate breaks and lunches for all personnel on shift
  • Act as the liaison to local command when both the Site Lead and Site Engineer are not on site.
  • Act as liaison with local commands and field personnel for briefings, administrative actions, and providing data back to PM MC and Senior Engineering
  • Be available for 24 x 7 assistance when on call
  • Receive contact from customers via any and all of the following means NIPR/SIPR E-Mail, Voice (Voip/SVoIP), Chat, System Messaging (Free Text).
  • Verify users are a trusted user with the Mission Command Support Center (MCSC) and provide information on how to establish a trusted user relationship in the event the user is not a trusted user.
  • Collect data to access the issue being reported and enter the information into the appropriate Trouble ticketing system, information collected will contain but not be limited to, Device Types, Software, Components being utilized, and Transceiver Types.
  • Provide the customer basic troubleshooting steps that can be performed in order to assist in correcting the issue.
  • Track and prioritize issues that are detected and reported, continue following up with a reported issue until it has been resolved.
  • Handle a forward all requests from customer to Tier 3 and Management for service such as DDS, C2R, CPOF Reachback and other various request
  • Handle all escalated issues from Tier 1 Support and continue contacting customers until a resolution is reached.
  • Verify system parameters to ensure that system configurations do not affect performance and are the most efficient in supporting the warfighter/customer.
  • Trace any issues through the architecture and correct server issues as they arise. This includes reviewing system logs and monitoring for any issues that have been reported.
  • Re-Build servers that have been identified as faulty in order to restore functionality of the system.
  • Thoroughly walk customers with escalated issues through advanced troubleshooting of the systems on ground which includes Transceiver Troubleshooting, Network Troubleshooting, Software and Device troubleshooting.
  • Escalate all issues to Tier 3 that cannot be resolved within the guidelines of the SOP.
  • Report to the BGN Site Lead
  • Ensure Network + is completed. *Must be completed within 6 Months of being assigned.*
Job Requirements:
  • Possess a Secret Clearance
  • Possess an Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology or equivalent experience
  • Possess 1-2 years of experience as am MCSC Administrator
  • Strong understanding of MCSC Operations concepts
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Flexibility to be available 24/7 365 Days in support of operations when required
  • 1+ Years' experience in managing personnel, schedules and development.
  • Working knowledge of the OSI model
  • Ability to work instruct personnel via email or telephone and calmly extract knowledge of the issue to determine real root of problem
  • Must be able to work with a very diverse team
  • Security + preferred

Items Shift Leads are to be Proficient In:
  • MCSC Site SOP
  • NOC Etiquette
  • Policies and Procedures Enforcement
  • Escalation of Issues
  • Quality Control (E-Mails, Log Entries, Tickets, System Checks)
  • Transceiver Troubleshooting
  • Network Troubleshooting (NEXUS)
  • Forward Link Monitor Troubleshooting
  • Data Flows (Logical and Physical)
  • Updated Power Outage procedures for the specific site
  • Digital Signage
  • Personnel Related Topics

Daily and As Required Tasks:
  • Verbal Back Brief to Site Lead
  • Ensure System Checks are conducted
  • Update Digital Signage
  • Review any SIPR E-Mails Received
  • Phone Tag with Other Site (At least once per hour)
  • Review prior Shift Logs
  • Review Open Tickets
  • Conduct/Observe Shift Handoff
  • Brief and Get Briefed by Oncoming and Off Coming Shift Leads
  • Ensure Employee Time Cards
  • Review and Provide AARs to the Site Leads for any issues
  • Provide Counseling statements for any issues that warrant them (Performed Beyond Expectations, or Deficiency Counseling's) and provide to Site Leads

Weekly Task/Reports
  • Weekly Shift Summary (Personnel Status, Maintenances, Issues)
  • Attend the BGN Weekly Ticket/Issues Review Meeting with the Operations Lead (As Required)
  • BGN Lead Call
    • Submit Shift Input to Operations Lead
    • Provide Comments from Suggestion Box
      • Submit Names for Training/Request for Training to Site Lead
      • Submit a Training Status of all Personnel
  • Schedule Brief Site Lead on Any Possible Shift Issues.

Monthly/Quarterly Tasks:
  • Check/Conduct Monthly Maintenance Properly
  • Check Monthly Backups and Archives
  • Submit 90 Day Evaluations
  • Quarterly Training Ensure Input is Submitted to Site Lead
  • Schedule Submit Schedule Input to Site Lead
Meeting Agenda's:

MCSC Operations Lead Call
  • Conducted by Operations Lead
  • Participants (Site Leads, Site Engineers and Shift Leads)
  • Review creation/execution of Lead Call requirements
  • Sit in on BGN Staff Call (When Required)

  • Hourly/Bi Hourly Operational Status to BFT Chief Engineer of Operations, Operations Lead, Site Leads, Site Engineers.
  • Weekly/Daily Reports to the Site lead
  • Review documentation for all of the different shift reports

Shift Scheduling:
  • Provide input on upcoming shift rotations
  • Manage the shift to allow for Time Off request ensuring adequate coverage

  • Performance Counseling's:
Ensure you provide written performance counseling to your personnel every 90 days. The Site Lead will provide the due date and the template for which to use. Have them completed one week early in case there are recommended changes from higher.

At a minimum include:
  • Performance:
How they have performed. Maintain a positive theme. Include three (3) ways in which to improve for every improvement recommended.
  • Potential:
How do you see them best helping the program in the future? Are they ready to act as a mentor/trainer?
  • Promotions:
Are they ready for an increase in responsibility immediately /at earliest convenience/After further training.
  • Event Counseling's:
Event Counseling's are used to praise an individual and/or to correct a deficiency. The counseling can be used for things such as:
  • A System Administrator getting Admin of the Month or handling an issue out of the ordinary beyond expectations.
  • Not following procedures or being late.
When conducting an Event Counseling issued ensure you outline the standards, site the SOP, and explain how their actions either exceeded or failed to meet the standards. If the Event is negative in nature come up with guidance and timeline for improvement and benchmarks for measuring success. Make sure you explain what will occur in the event the individual fails to improve.

On-Call Procedures:

MCSC Shift Leads will be on call once every 4-6 weeks. The MCSC Shift Lead acts as the Shift Lead for all 3 Shifts in the event that an issue needs to be escalated; it is escalated in a timely and proficient matter. If a call is escalated the Shift Lead needs to determine who the issue needs to be escalated to and should be contacting the BGN Site Lead with all details pertaining to the matter directly if needed. Below are some guidelines when on call:
  • Contact at least two shifts over the weekend to ensure there are no issues which you need to take action on or have escalated.
  • If you get a call from the NOC, do a follow up call to them about an hour after the call to ensure that there are no residual issues. Even if you had to involve the Site lead in the issue or not, send the Site Lead/Site Engineer a short email outlining the issue and the resolution.
  • In the event that an issue needs to be corrected and it is an engineer level issue, On Call Shift Leads will be required to be on deck to work the issue.

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