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The Office of Student Financial Aid has an outstanding opportunity for an Assistant Director, Scholarships .

The Assistant Director has managerial and administrative responsibility for the need based scholarship program, including but not limited to, counseling of students receiving University Scholarships, coordinating the scholarship selection process, maintaining the scholarships Academic Works platform and other systems, funding projections and reconciliations for over 250 accounts, and representing the office with donors, internal departments, and external scholarship agencies. The scholarship program provides over $5 million to more than 1200 students from over 250 different scholarship accounts annually.

This position will participate in decisions and prepare recommended proposals about scholarship awarding philosophies, policies and process to meet the University's goals for balancing access and excellence in administering the limited scholarship dollars available to students with the Executive Director, Director and other members of the OSFA management team. Determining fair and equitable awarding policies that meet the requirements of the donors, university enrollment goals, diversity of student body considerations and serving as many students as possible are some of the most difficult aspects to this position. This position is charged with developing new scholarship processes to more efficiently award the myriad of scholarship accounts.

As part of the management team and with over $600 million in financial aid given out to 23,000 students this position has significant impact on the effective, efficient, and fiscally sound operation of our financial aid program. This position will need to ensure the timely delivery of scholarship funds to students to access a higher education and persist to graduation. The financial aid and scholarship programs contribute to the University's overall mission as a public institution, open to students from all socioeconomic and culturally diverse backgrounds. Without fully functioning scholarship programs, students would not be able to attend, the university could experience financial audit liability and fines, donors could give less to the institution's scholarship programs and funds needed for the operation of the university would not be received. The Assistant Director for Scholarships has to ensure that the scholarship programs are effectively managed to meet the goals of the University-access and persistence for students from all economic backgrounds.


Scholarship Operations

Administers and manages the daily operations of the OSFA scholarship process to meet University goals in maximizing the usage of funds to attract and retain talented students. This includes:

•Implementing award philosophies and establishing parameters of selection processes to ensure awards accomplish the institutional goals of access and retention of a diverse student body keeping in mind the University's values of excellence and innovation.
•Determining the amount of funds available each year to award from endowed and current use funds.
•Reconciling accounts and monitors funds usage to ensure scholarship funds are utilized at the appropriate levels.
•In managing the scholarship program, the Assistant Director will create applicant pools for consideration, run queries to rank applicants, collect additional information from students, review applications, coordinate review committees, and select students for awards.
•The Assistant Director coordinates closely with Advancement officers on specific scholarship funds to maintain and foster close donor relationships.
•The Assistant Director also tracks expenditures in all of the different scholarship budgets and works with Treasurer's Office to project future income from scholarship endowments.
•The Assistant Director makes awards in the SDB system and re-packages other financial aid as needed, reports to donors, and monitors student eligibility over the years of the award.
•The Assistant Director also documents procedures and is responsible for records maintenance, completes statistical and expenditure reports, and the reconciliation of scholarship accounts.

OSFA Scholarship systems development and maintenance

Manages the implementation, upgrades, and annual maintenance of the Blackbaud Scholarship Management system, also known as Academic Works. Ensures features are compliant with OSFA and UW policies and protocols. Will serve as main point of contact for the Blackbaud Scholarship system and coordinate any training, support services, and technology support. May also lead onboarding and training efforts for other campus units utilizing Academic Works, such as the School of Medicine. Onboading other units may mean redefining our OSFA processes and workflows and communications. The Assistant Director will be able to re-imagine and implement any changes while maintaining OSFA vision and goals.

Departmental and Community Coordination

Works with various academic and campus departments, such as Honors Program and Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, to maximize coordination of scholarship funds for students, providing leadership in the selection process and creating collaborative ideas to effectively target funds to meet university goals. Works to ensure that departments awarding need-based scholarships comply with the required process for determining need and provides other support to departments in administering their scholarship funds. The Assistant Director will contribute to outreach efforts made by OSFA by providing information on scholarships for presentations and participating in presentations and workshops, including on and off campus, day, evening, and weekend venues. The Assistant Director may also serve as a member of various on- and off-campus scholarship selection committees.

Counselor Training and Support

The Assistant Director is responsible for training other financial aid staff in not only the University's scholarship programs but for other prominent outside scholarship (or aid programs) sources, such as Passport, and WSOS. The Assistant Director provides an overview of scholarship eligibility requirements to the counseling staff along with the aid re-packaging requirements. Such training and support must be provided not only for OSFA scholarships but for other UW departmental scholarships as well. Awards must all be coordinated, and the Assistant Director is responsible for training and advising the other counselors in combining all forms of aid to create the best possible package for the student as well as making sure that all compliance issues are addressed for each individual scholarship fund. The Assistant Director will advise other counselors in the use of professional judgement in individual student cases to help prevent or to resolve over awards when a student on aid receives a scholarship

Management Team

The Assistant Director serves as a member of the office's management team. In the absence of the Executive Director, Directors, Associate Directors, this person may assume responsibility for overall office management. As a member of the Management Team provide direction to staff as needed on office policies and procedures. Participate in policy development discussions to ensure the fair and equitable distribution of aid to maximize access among applicants to the University and satisfy donor requirements. Communicate management policy decisions and the impact of related system changes to the staff. Counsel students in relation to difficulties students might be experiencing in the scholarship process.

Assist counseling staff in the resolution of contentious student cases on an as needed basis. The Assistant Director will serve as first line of referral for students and parents who need higher level assistance and will respond to concerns and complaints expressed by parents and students after their initial meeting with other counseling staff. In counseling, listen analytically to concerns of students and parents. General counseling requires a working knowledge of financial aid procedures and eligibility rules and a thorough knowledge of all scholarship eligibility criteria and processes, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. In more intensive counseling sessions involving complex or difficult situations, the Assistant Director must also ask questions necessary to gather data sufficient to provide helpful and complete answers, analyze the student's circumstances in the context of scholarship eligibility and disbursement rules, weighing the effects of sometimes conflicting federal, state and institutional rules, and the student's best interests. The Assistant Director will explain the possible outcomes and consequences of scholarship awards in regards to the student’s other need-based aid. The Assistant Director must make an assessment whether standard procedures will adequately resolve the situation and, if the situation appears to be exceptional and may benefit from use of professional judgement, advise and assist student in preparing the documentation needed to proceed. If standard procedures appear inadequate to address the special needs of the student in a critical situation, the Assistant Director will advocate for the student for exceptions to policy within the office or with process partners. When recommending exceptional treatment, the Assistant Director utilizes critical problem solving abilities, weighing the advantages and potential liability for each alternative suggested. in addition, to in-person advising, the Assistant Director advises and assists students and others over the phone and by e-mail and written correspondence, addressing issues with tact, accuracy, and with a concern for maintaining student privacy.

Requirements include:

•Bachelor's degree
•4+ years of experience in the administration of various financial aid and university scholarship programs comprised of federal, state, and institutional aid sources
•Experience with the DOE federal delivery systems, verification and awarding aid, with at least one year in the Office of Student Financial Aid/Scholarships as a Lead Counselor
•Specialized training and experience in administering a scholarship management platform, such as Blackbaud Scholarship management (Academic Works). Experience should include implementation and maintenance, as well as daily scholarship management functions.
•Specialized training and experience in administering need based scholarship programs at the University of Washington, and various state and institutional financial aid programs, such as Passport and Washington Opportunity Scholarship program.
•Familiarity with UW Student Database and proficiency in the use of Financial Aid modules, Document management platforms and CRM. Proficiency in computers and common office PC based software products. Experience should also include running queries from the various UW systems to create applicant pools, data analysis, and funds management and reconciliation.
•Demonstrated ability to work well with people from diverse backgrounds- clients, coworkers, and other parties.
•Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills
•Experience representing department as knowledgeable and authoritative while remaining supportive, calm and professional even under highly charged circumstances

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal requirements, such as a license/certification/registration.


•A master’s degree in student personnel services or related field
•Additional years of more student service experience that may include different school settings
•Experience working and communicating with University Advancement staff and officers, donor relations staff and donors.
•Management/supervisory experience

As a UW employee, you will enjoy generous benefits and work/life programs. For a complete description of our benefits for this position, please visit our website,


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